Professional 24 track recording studio up to 56 tracks for dubbing with drum and vocal isolation rooms. Uses digital software coupled with analog processing for cutting edge quality sound unemulated with DAW’s. Recording sessions include a professional certified engineer.

Professional trends we’ve continuously improved our sound over the years. Our Music Demo page includes several older recorded pre mastered references dating back as far as 1994 both demo’s as well as some releases. We are a professional commercial studio located in a commercial building simultaneously recording full member bands in real time.

With exception to mockery, we record all styles of music: Christian, rock, pop, country, jazz, blues, ETC. Recording’s are mastered to industry standard red book specs demo and releases no hourly manipulation.

All demo’s on our site were full bands recorded simultaneously in real time. We also do tracking, drum machines keys etc. To date we remain one of the most affordable professional recording studios in the Houston area with video and video editing coming soon!

We’ll be adding new demo’s, so if you like what we sounded like over the years, you will love us now! To hear our recordings in years past demo’s and releases, please see “Music Demo’s" in above menu.

And if you are seriously considering making music your career, be sure to visit our partnership below, Collins Park Artist GPS, just click the logo and get professional artist guidance from a top industry professional. Additionally it’s also important having your recordings done professionally, click the Taxi logo below.

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