Kiff Recording Studio began with a song writer, a guitar, a recorder and ideas more than 30 years ago during the 1980’s becoming a recording studio in Texas City, Texas afterwords moving to it’s current location where it is located today in Dickinson, Texas in 1996.

The studio’s master solo engineer George Kiff aka Patrick, by today’s standards is very much considered an old school new school music engineer. George is a certified recording engineer that begin the musical journey in the day when recording meant analog gear and cut and paste meant engineers psychically had to park reels and use what was known as chopping blocks along with music theory and a good musical ear to make edits the edits that today are achieved with a few clicks of a mouse. Having those past experiences such as those old chopping blocks in today’s times certainly offers a bonus edge.

Fast forwarding, Kiff Recording Studio today, now reaches up to 56 tracks, uses the very best of both analog and digital worlds along with special professional techniques in order to achieve that crispy shimmering outstanding quality sound that simply can not be duplicated using one method alone. Kiff Recording Studio’s objectives has always been to please our clients, stay competitive, professionalism along with higher quality while striving to remain as affordable as possible yet remain.

If you have any questions, or you would like additional information or to make appointments call 281 337-3531. Additionally if you’d like to see what other things we’ve been up to Kiff related, feel free to visit our other Kiff sites linked below.

Kiff Recording Studio is dedicated to the loving memory of Melba Laverne and Joseph Luis Kiff.

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