All business related phone calls are conducted between the hours of 9AM and 9PM central time.

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Effective May 1st 2016 our standard hourly rate for recording mixing/mastering is $40.00 per hour when purchasing anything less than 4 hours.

Effective May 1st 2016 when purchasing 4 consecutive hours or more for recording mixing/mastering the hourly rate is $35.00, or $140.00 4 hour block, $280.00 8 hour block.

Analog mastering and pricing:

Post mastering varies depending on the length of your project starting at $90.00 per individual track consisting of wave files, A track is basically equal to one song, or $40 per track for a 10 track master. To hear samples of our mastering visit here –> MASTERING

Our analog post mastering consist of adding analog saturation that includes a special vibrant and lively analog tone with a lot of punch, dark tone if preferred , balancing, compression, cleaning if needed, along with special fades in or out if desired. Then  for the final step tracks are sequenced down on a brand new master CD in red book spec.

A sample of the work though (not the files entirety), will be sent to the client for client’s comparison purposes. Once the client has compared the before and after results, when the client is happy with the results payment from the client will be made in full and the client will receive the work it its entirety.

How do I submit my tracks?

Tracks can either be sent to us using a large file sending service directly such as or in wave format with the recipient email address, or delivered to use in person, or emailed via a wave file format.

What will analog post mastering do for my music? You will be amazed at the difference between before and after what you thought you had before and what you will get when the process is finished.

Hear samples at this link –> DIGIAL VERSUS ANALOG MASTERING

Mastering can be done on a per song bases or collectively from your master CD, stick, or wave files. For more information call (281) 337-3531.

Extended recording project? We can also negotiate extended package deals in order so that our clients can relax with no need to watch a clock. For more information on our package deals call (281) 337-3531

What else do we offer?

Do you have things such as metronome clicks or sticks counts stuck in your tracks and need the remove? We can do that too!

ADAT to DVD, SVHS to DVD, Vinyl or Cassette to DVD, includes professional audio cleaning removing hissing, scratches from audio. Call for more information.

Currently no deposit is required to book in recording time, however missed appointments or no shows may be subject to a $75.00 24 hours in advance deposit before any future appointments are made.

Booking from out of area area codes. Due to recent abuses originating from out of area codes or area codes that do not originate from the Houston and surrounding areas, a deposit may be required in advance of the original session and clients must be reachable from numbers and area codes their appointments originate from. For questions regarding deposits, please call 281 337-3531.